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Applications are being invited for The Yoga Room and Yoga Therapy Centre Therapist Training Program, an advanced course for teachers from any tradition. 


The program follows in the tradition (formerly known as Viniyoga)of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V.  Desikachar and follows the curriculum of the eminent medical doctor and teacher in this tradition, Dr. N. Candrasekaran of Yoga Vaidya Sala in Chennai, India. 


According to this lineage, yoga therapy is a practical science and therefore the teaching methodology of this course is practice oriented, simple and comprehensive.


The course covers yogic anatomy,  physiology,  psychology,  methodology of examination and diagnosis, yogic tools and principles of application and pathology according to modern science.  


The Yoga Room and Yoga Therapy Centre invites all committed and sincere seekers to deepen their understanding of yoga and learn about its ancient healing wisdom.  



The program consists of 462 hours of training in yoga therapy; 6 modules taught over 2 years in 18 weekend sessions (Friday-Sunday) offered in Guelph, Ontario.  

This includes 4 one hour private, personal and professional development sessions with the teacher during the 2 year training. 

As well, there is a final internship module, of 2 weeks, taught in Chennai, India. The internship module, held in India, is a unique learning opportunity.  The cost for this is not included in the fee.  It  will be established by Yoga Vaidya Sala soon. 

Download the PDF here

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