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Welcome to Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy, like physiotherapy, is a private, individual assessment to gain an understanding of your current health needs. You do not need to know anything about yoga to benefit. Find out more about  Yoga Therapy and its tradition by clicking the link below. 

Barb Quinlan began her study of Yoga in 1987, became a yoga teacher in 1992 and began yoga therapy studies in 2006. Barb's teachings evolved out of her studies with T.K.V. Desikachar and the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandirim in Chennai, India. She is currently studying at the Yoga Vaidya Sala in Chennai, India with Dr.N.Chandrasekaran M.B.B.S, one of the worlds most experienced yoga therapists, a western medical doctor, international trainer and author. 

Barb received her Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Yoga Vaidya Sala in 2019.  She co-ordinated and led a Yoga Therapist Training at Yoga Therapy Guelph from 2020-2022.  She continues to offer Yoga Therapy to individuals and  Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher support both individually and in groups

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